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A: 106 Nelson Road, Sandy Bay, TASMANIA 7005

Being a small business, we understand that you want to keep up with bigger companies by using the latest video marketing techniques, but you don’t have the sort of budget to be able to afford “high-end” commercial production.  We are a small, company which allows us to make the best use of your budget to maximise your return on investment.


We have extensive experience in making short films (some of them have won prizes!) so we know how to make films and videos about just about anything. It may be something to promote your business, your products or yourself, but we can also film your Mum’s birthday party, edit your wedding video or make a documentary of your latest trip overseas!

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“Thank you  for your time, dedication and willingness to make the ‘28 gates video’. You have captured the true essence of the property and what we have on offer.

Best of luck!”

- Susie and Michael,

Welcome to Film Works Tasmania! We are a small video production team based in Hobart, Tasmania.

We are able to offer a complete service, from developing the script and strategy through to producing the final output.  And we keep our costs low so that you get the most out of your budget.


As producers of award-winning films, we understand the power of storytelling.  Talk to us about telling your story.

Hi! Find out more Contact us to find out how little it can cost.

Why Use Video On Your Website?

There is now a wealth of research showing the benefits of using video on your site:

Websites with videos get 4 times more page views and nearly 5 times more enquiries than those without videos.

Video captivates your audience, enhances their experience of your business, keeps their attention and delivers a clear message.

Sites with video content are now ranked higher by search engines like Google.

Contact us to see how easily you
can include a video on your site.

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Aussie marketers keen on online video

Australians are world leaders in the use of online video marketing, says a new study.

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“Thanks again for your artistry - the insets

of the kids talking, interacting, thinking, listening brought tears to my eyes.  There's a lot of really joyous moments in there.”


- Bradfield Dumpleton,